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Important Meeting about Sp.Ed funding

July 25, 2008

On Tuesday July 29 there will be a public hearing at the Petrides School about targeted money which can go to reduce class size, provide special ed services, etc. Please go and let your voices be heard.

For details, please see the post below under “Lavelle School”. I am still figuring out how to move these items around. Thanks for your patience! and thank you Andrea for keeping us informed.


Experienced parents, I need your help!

July 9, 2008

I am aware that there are many parents who are new to this whole game. It can be overwhelming, all the acronyms, diagnoses, services, etc, etc…..remember?

I am inviting people to post here and share their take on Special Ed 101. What are some things that you or your child found to be helpful? What are some things you wish you had done, or had avoided? Where did you START looking for help?

I hope this will be a useful discussion. Positives and negatives abound, we all know. Please just keep it civil–no personal attacks. And please forward this post to all, newbies and seasoned parents, who might find it useful.

Thanks so much!

New support groups info

July 8, 2008

From Michael John Carley of GRASP:

In addition to AHANY’s NYC Parents support group, and the many others that seem to fly in (and unfortunately sometimes, fly out), New York Families of Autistic Children now have their MANY groups listed online. You can access their full schedule by going to¬†