Job opening at Parent to Parent

From Jackie Tripodi. This would be an excellent job for many of you knowledgeable and informed parents.

Check it out!


 Parent to Parent Regional Coordinator – 20 hours per week, Staten Island office, Staten Island, NY 

      Parent to Parent of NYS provides information and support to parents of children who have developmental disabilities and special health care needs.   

      Regional Coordinators maintain a network of trained volunteer support parents, who have made the offer to speak to other parents who have a child with a developmental disability.  Coordinators facilitate parent matches between parents requesting a match and trained support parents for the purpose of offering emotional support.  A Coordinator is responsible for developing the parent to parent network, including recruiting and training parents to be support parents and following up with support parents and match requests. 

       Coordinators assist families with locating resources and whenever possible, in being connected to community supports and to services, including services funded through NYS Office Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities such as Home and Community Based Waiver Services, Medicaid Service Coordination, Family Support Services and CSS Self Determination, as well as self advocacy and community based programs and supports.  Coordinators also assist families in locating resources outside the typical service delivery systems. 

      The Regional Coordinator is responsible for community outreach, with the purposes being to increase an awareness of Parent to Parent and the programs provided and to recruit and grow the network with new parent volunteers.   Coordinators develop an e-group to help disseminate announcements to families as well as maintain a calendar of events section of the Parent to Parent of NYS website. 

      Coordinators are expected to regularly report on activity levels within their region.   

Organization’s website: 


Skills required

Working knowledge of computers including the ability to do internet research. Experience using Microsoft Office applications.

Must be able to work independently and collaboratively and have good communication and telephone skills. 

Have a good knowledge of their community

Likes and enjoys people, builds relationships very well

Creative problem solver

Preference will be given to a parent who has experience parenting a child with a developmental disability.

Ability to do public speaking 

    Expectations and Qualities of a successful Parent to Parent Coordinator:
    Empathetic, active listener
    Supportive of parents
    Respectful of others and of others’ opinions and beliefs
    Responsive and not defensive or confrontational
    Passionate about the importance of the parent to parent program
    Interested in the content of the parent to parent program
    Encourages parents to try new options
    Listens carefully, attentively and accurately
    Dependable and reliable in running a parent to parent program
    Able to work independently with little supervision
    Willing and able to communicate with co-workers, supervisors and people who call for support
    Able to use and maintain office equipment
    Must be able to work with other coordinators within the state
    Responsibile for office functions and parent to parent contacts in a professional manner
    Empowers parents 

Benefits include:

Vacation time

Medical leave/sick time

12 holidays per year

Personal time

Employer contributed Flexible Spending Account

Employer contributed Deferred Compensation Plan 

Send letter of interest and resume by 10/17/08 to:

Janice Fitzgerald, Executive Director

Parent to Parent of NYS

P.O. Box 1296

Tupper Lake, NY 12986

Fax 518-359-2151



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