Special Ed Speakouts (not on SI unfortunately)

Here’s something that came in today. Some people may be interested in traveling to this and bringing back ideas. Perhaps we could ask them to help us organize something like this in the spring?
what think you??
Hi, Everyone –
I wanted to let everyone about a series of forums that NYLPI is organizing for Parents for Inclusive Education (PIE) with the ARISE Coalition. For those of you who may not know, Parent for Inclusive Education (PIE) is a group of parents, educators, and advocates that NYLPI organizes that works together to make inclusionan option for all students with disabilities in New York City. And, the ARISE Coalition is a newly formed group of organizations and individuals who have joined together to provide a voice on behalf of students with special needs in New York City.  
The events we will be hosting are a series of Speak Outs for parents of students with disabilities to voice concerns about the special education system in New York City. At the speak outs, parents will have the opportunity to use their own stories to illustrate system-wide problems and challenges faced by students with disabilities and their families as they strive to be successfully included within their school communities.  
We will be holding the Speak Outs in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn October 21st and 22nd. Attached is a flyer advertising and providing more specifics about the events. Thanks very much to help of Eric, we are currently distributing the flyer far and wide.
Since I know many of you are frequently in the community at various events, I wanted to ask if you would pass the flyer along to any parents or individual who you think might be interested in attending. If you want hard copies of the flyer, just let me know. Also, if there are organizations that you want to suggest we reach out to about the event, please let me know as well.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I do appreciate any assistance you can provide in spreading the word about these events.
Thanks very much –
J A C L Y N  O K I N  B A R N E Y
Staff Attorney
New York Lawyers for the Public Interest
151 West 30th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10001
tel: 212.244.4664 fax: 212.244.4570

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