Citywide Special Ed conference: parent speakers needed

Michael J. Carley of GRASP sent this on. It sounds like a very interesting conference. If anyone plans to go, can they let me know? The Advance is interested.
here’s MJC’s message:
Please get in contact with Dr. Rosen, not myself, if interested (she can be
emailed at But it’d be great to get someone who’s good at
countering the stories of challenges with positive reinforcement.

In thanks,



Dear Michael,

Thank you for speaking with me today. The program for Sat, Feb 28 is an
ambitious and exciting one. Education Update in collaboration with Hunter
College, NYU and District 75 has planned our 2nd NYCitywide Special
Education Conference.

We are presenting the Distinguished Leader in Special Education award to NYS
Regent Merryl Tisch and President Lynda Katz of Landmark College. Professors
and practitioners will be presenting discussions and videos of their work in
ASP, ADHD and Assistive Technology from 10-12 and 1-3 with an awards
luncheon from 12-1.

Our speakers are Professor Shirley Cohen-Hunter College; Donia Fahim-Fellow,
Egypt Program-Hunter College; Professor and Chair Kathryn Garnett-Hunter
College; Prof.Mac Gander-Landmark College; Kathy Burris-Landmark College;
Karen Gorman-District 75; Prof. Lisa Fleisher-NYU, Cecilia McCarton,
M.D.-The McCarton School (invited).

It would be most important to include the parental viewpoint of living with
and coping with children with special needs. Would you be able to suggest
several names of parents who would be willing to participate in a panel for
20 minutes and then field questions for 10 minutes?

I am most appreciative of your help and would be happy to put your materials
out on a table for greater visibility for your work.

With best wishes,


Dr. Pola Rosen
Publisher and Editor in Chief
Education Update
695 Park Avenue
Suite E1509
New York, NY 10065-5024
Tel: 917-375–0497
Fax: 212-772-4769


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