Dyslexia Workshop: open to all

Laura Cavalleri informs me that there will be a workshop about Dyslexia on Friday, March 13,  1:45 to 3 pm, at PS 48, 1055 Targee Street, across from the old Doctors Hospital. RSVP is requested. Please contact:

Terry Guthrie, Parent Coordinator

PS 48

1055 Targee Street
Staten Island, NY 10304
347-563-4599 School # 718-447-8323


One Response to “Dyslexia Workshop: open to all”

  1. fedsped Says:

    Laura’s email: we4cavalleris@msn.com

    Hi Kathy, thank you for your question. this is an old blog I had when I was the sp ed chair of the SI Federation of PTAs. Glad it still works!
    Laura has done AMAZING work. She was a lone voice at thousands of meetings fighting for kids with dyslexia. Now she has a group called Wishes of Literacy which just started a few months ago. It is getting awareness of dyslexia out there. Please email her, I know she would love to chat. I admire her so much:)
    thank you,
    Kathleen Boyer

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