Vent your outrage over careless bus employees!

Seth Brown from OPT wll be at the Transportation & Safety Committee Meeting: Wednesday, April 8th at 10am in Petrides, Building A, Room 118A.
A chance to express your concerns about kids being left on buses, etc.


2 Responses to “Vent your outrage over careless bus employees!”

  1. DIANE Says:

    Two issues I have with the bus…

    Sometimes on the mini bus the matron doesn’t step outside the bus to make sure my youngest is going around safely … I worry cause even with the stop sign out the cars don’t always stay behind the bus… and even though Justin is 11 he can’t see over the van. In the Am pickup…

    not the afternoon diffrent matron….

    Safety on the bus …. buses do move before a kid has sat down I have seen this on several buses.

    Bullying on school bus and issue is because there is more than one school on a bus if a child gets bullied and glasses or someting is broken
    hard to get to the bottom of who’s responsible … even if you file a poliece incident report… Had to replace Justin’s glasses last year and
    it was due to bullying on the bus …
    Justin will not ride a bus cross island
    cause he is afraid that the longer the ride is the more likely he is to be a target of bullies on the school bus and the matron did nothing to stop it.
    sub matron right before christmas.
    He had been asleep it was a very bad incident going into school … School didn’t call us until 11am… he is in at 8 25 with that bus last year.
    I have had some car problems so I have not been able to attend anything and this weekend is my birthday so not sure if I will be able but
    those are some issues with the bus…
    on one trip a child who was not from any of the schools got on and caused a problem and Justin became frightened cause the bus people had to call the cops. ( young teen) The kid got off before the cops got there and the bus went on it’s route .

  2. fedsped Says:

    The meeting is on Weds. Hope you can make it!

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